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Do you want to run your business efficiently?
Why just monitor maintenance when you can monitor it all!
TattleTale CMMS / CPMS has your solution!
Electronic Easel software free with purchase 
See the demo video on youtube
What is TattleTale?
Tattle Tale was designed by maintenance professionals for maintenance professionals.

We took the standard CMMS to the next level while maintaining the legacy software style.  
Its as easy as 1, 2, 3

The Difference?
Tattle Tale features instant text notifications at the press of a button on the tablet software. 

Auto work order generation with start and finish times. 
Sends work orders to technicians for completion. 
Displays start time and duration on a large screen monitor. 
Holds everybody in your organization accountable.
Why TattleTale?
Tattle Tale is state of the art software that is designed in 3 different Software packages. 
1) The server is the brains of the system. 
2) The tablet which allows the end users to get help quickly and also sends texts to service people not just maintenance personal. 
3) The CMMS software which tracks inventory. Tracks all work orders, Allow new pm work orders for all your PM needs. 
4) Full reporting capabilities. This feature allows you to track machine downtime by machine or by all machines. 
5) Todays OOE is displayed on the large screen monitor
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