Productfast Tattle Tale CMMS / CPMS 

TattleTale CMMS Software
Takes a CMMS to the next level. System monitors all of productions downtime! 

The image on the left is the first screen you see when you start the CMMS software.    From hers you get an instant update on inventory if a minimum stock item is at or below it will display them in the window on the right.

Close Open Work Orders allows you to view and close work orders for each of the custom service types.  

Create New Work Orders allows you to create work orders for each of the custom service types. 

Preventative Maintenance allows you to create PM work order, View and print existing PM work orders. 

Inventory & Assets is where you can set up inventory min/max set up assets and other database items. 

Networking if your IP changes, wireless connection fails or databases don’t connect properly the software is set to open the network tab automatically however you can alternatively click here for network parameters. 

Add Employees from here you enter employee’s data including smartphone numbers and email addresses this way when if elected to send texts the phone number(s) associated with the text will be sent to the proper person or group. The mail address is used to send any automatic work orders generated will be emailed also if elected.
Reports allows you to view real-time data on equipment or on a machine by machine basis.  

Options allows you to set or modify any form numbers as required by the iSO standard. These form number are printed on the bottom of all PM or service type records to conform with the standard 
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